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Bar, Nightclub, Restaurant, & Catering Supplies

Barware - Test Tubes, Gelatin Shots, Neon Serving Trays, Table Tent Card Holders, and More!

You can choose from our wide selection of bar supplies and nightclub supplies. We carry test tubes (tooters), neon serving trays, table tent card holders, a complete line of plastic and glass bar glasses, coat checks, pull tabs, and many other bar items. All our bar supplies are in stock for fast shipment.

For our FREE 104 Page Catalog featuring all our items, please contact us at 1-800-233-0828.

Stackable AshtraysAshtrays

Burn-resistant, break-resistant, and stackable, these Ashtrays are available in black, red, white, and cobalt blue. Measures 4" diameter

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Our Bandlero Belts are a great way to increase sales and enliven any event. Shot Bandeleors and Test Tube Bandeleros are available in your choice of leather or nylon. Each belt holds approximately 30 shots/test tubes.

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This 2 gallon Fuzsi Drink Dispenser is ideal for fruit infusions or daily drink specials. It is made of durable clear acrylic plastic.

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Jello InjectorsJello Injectors

Use these Jell-O® Injectors to get the party started. Easy to make and even more fun to use, Our Jell-O Injectors are a great addition to any House Party, Bar, or Nightclub. Order these injectors through out secure on line shopping cart. (Only available in 2 oz. sizes)

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Foam Carry Racks for Jello Injectors and Test Tube Shots

These foam racks help make selling shots a cinch. Each Foam Jello Injector Rack holds one dozen 1 or 2-Oz. Jello Shooters, while the Foam Test Tube Rack holds 40 Test Tube Shots.

12-Hole Jello Injector Rack 48-Hole Test Tube Rack
12-Hole Jello Injector Rack
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40-Hole Test Tube Rack
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  20 Hole Foam Test Tube Rack
  20 Hole Foam Test Tube Rack
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Neon Serving Trays

Our Neon Cocktail Trays are made of durable acrylic plastic. They are available in Lime Green and Tangerine. Each Tray features a non-slip plastic mat on the tray top to prevent items from sliding. Our Neon Serving/Drink Trays measure 15" in diameter.

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Hot Pink, Lime Green, Tangerine Neon Serving Trays

Custom Imprinted Plastic Shot Glasses and StemwarePlastic and Glass Drinkware - Shot Glasses, Palm Hurricane Glasses, Mini Mugs, Shot Hangers, Color-Changing Stadium Cups, and Much More!

You can choose from our wide selection of plastic and glass barware, including new light-up and blinking variations. All glasses are available in a range of colors and imprint colors. Fee free to browse our complete selection of Custom-Imprinted Plastic Glasses or Custom-Imprinted Glass Glasses.

Custom Imprinted Plastic Glassware

Precision PourersPrecision Pourers

Precision Pourers help increase bar profits because they feature a unique, patented design to ensure measured pours every time. Each pourer features: 1) a valve along the main cylinder to prevent after drip and eliminate waste 2) a primer ring to channel liquor around the inner ball bearing for a more accurate pour 3) three ball bearings - rather than the industry-standard two - for a smoother, more accurate pour and 4) a new bottom design to ensure that the ball bearings never fall into the bottle.

Five colors are available with or without black collars: Rum Amber, Ocean Blue, Crystal Clear, Shamrock Green, and Watermelon Red.

Buy One Now! - Precision Pourers
Buy One Now! - Precision Pourers with Collar

Precision Pourers

Table Tent Card Holders

These Table Tent Card Holders are made of clear plastic and feature matte-finish edges. Choose from open-top table tent card holders, open-bottom table tent card holders, and easel style table tent card holders.

Buy One Now! - 4 X 5 in.
Buy One Now! - 4 X 6 in.
Buy One Now! - 4 X 9 in.
Buy One Now! - 5 X 7 in.
Buy One Now! - 5.5 X 8.5 in.
Buy One Now! - 8.5 X 11 in.

Test Tubes - Available with Your Design and Copy!

Test Tubes

You can custom imprint these 6-Inch Crystal Plastic Test Tubes with any design you choose. Test Tubes are available in clear, ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green. The minimum order is 1,000 Test Tubes for all custom orders. Stock/blank Plastic Test Tube Shots are available at a low 250 pieces.

Please feel free to scroll down the page for tooter racks in 24-, 32-, 36-, 44-, and 48-hole capacities.

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Test Tube Caps (Clear) –  For 6" Test Tubes (optional). Bag of 100 Clear Caps

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Test Tube DispensersTest Tube Dispensers

This bar back test tube dispenser allows for easy storage of approximately 125 Test Tubes. Made of clear acrylic, each dispenser comes with a secure lid to help keep the tubes secure and clean.

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Test Tube Filler BottlesTest Tube Filler Bottles

These 32 oz. Filler Bottles are made of a durable, squeezable plastic. Each bottle features a specially designed spout, which prevents spills and allows for easy filling of Test Tube Shots.

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32 Hole Lighted Tooter (Test Tube) Racks
32 Hole Lighted Rack
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Test Tube Racks

These clear Plexiglas Test Tube Racks help optimize shot sales. Choose from 24-hole tooter racks, lighted 32-hole tooter racks, 36-hole tooter racks, and 44-hole tooter racks.

24 Hole Test Tube Racks 36 Hole Test Tube Racks 44 Hole Test Tube Racks
24 Hole Test Tube Rack
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36 Hole Test Tube Rack
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44 Hole Test Tube Rack
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For additional information, or our Free 104 Page Bar and Nightclub Supplies Catalog, please contact us at 1-800-233-0828.

To order, please call 1-800-233-0828
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