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Counterfeit Bill Detectors

We offer two Counterfeit Bill Detector products that will secure your restaurant or cash business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you order your Counterfeit Money Supplies from us. You can order online 24/7 through our secure shopping cart.

Counterfeit Detector Pen is an inexpensive and reliable screening device to be used with other counterfeit detection methods. It's effective for retailers, restaurants, stores, banks or any cash business. Easy to use, These Detector Pens are available in single, 3-pack, or 12-pack Detector Pens. Order online through our secure online shopping cart 24/7.

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Counterfeit Detector Pen
Counterfeit Bill Detector

Our compact size Counterfeit Bill Checker allows you to quickly and reliably authenticate the new US Currency bills tendered by your customers. You simply slide the bill into these Counterfeit Money Checkers and compare it with the built in template in the machine. These Counterfeit Bill Detectors measure 7¾" L x 4¼" W x 3½" H. Power for this US Bill Checker is supplied by a UL Listed 6VDC, 500mA Supply.

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*PLEASE NOTE* These counterfeit bill detectors are not guarunteed to detect all counterfeit bills.