Playing Card Supplies & Accessories

Card Tray

Easy to draw from, 2-compartment tray, for gin rummy, canasta, and other draw games. Sturdy plastic make. Clear, white, and black Card Trays are available.

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Swivel Card Tray

Easy to draw from, 2-compartment tray with swivel base. Made of sturdy plastic. Available in clear, white or black.

White Sale Price: $3.72.

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Automatic Card Shuffler

Battery operated. Mixes 2 decks.

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Automatic 2 Deck Card Shuffler

Caesars Palace Two-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

These Caesars Palace Card Shufflers shuffle up to two decks of cards with the touch of a button! Each Automatic Card Shuffler is made of sturdy black and green plastic and features the official Caesars Palace logo on the top of the unit. With the Caesars Palace Shuffler, you can bring the thrill of a famous gaming icon to your next card game!

Each Caesars Palace Card Shuffler comes with two decks of Caesars Palace 100% Plastic Playing Cards. The Caesars Palace Plastic Playing Cards are wide/poker size, and they have regular index numbers and pips on the faces. Additionally, the cards are completely washable so that you can enjoy them for years into the future.

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Caesars Palace Two-Deck Poker Card Set with Case

Four-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

Automatic Card Shuffler for standard size playing cards. Completely shuffles 1-4 decks with easy, push-button operation. Playing Cards and four "AA" batteries are not included.

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4 Deck Card Shuffler

Wood Grain Card Shuffler - NEW!

This automatic card shuffler features stylish wooden side panels for a unique look. Battery-operated, the shuffler thoroughly mixes two decks of playing cards. Playing Cards and 4 "AA" batteries are not included.

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Wood Grain Card Shuffler

Six Deck Card Shuffler

This Six-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler completely shuffles one to six decks of Playing cards with easy, push-button operation. Playing Cards and 4 "C" batteries are not included.

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6 Deck Card Shuffler

Card Holder

9" wood rack style holder.

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3-slot Wood Card Holder/Rack

Card Holders

Set of 4 colorful, durable plastic discs.  Full-deck capacity.

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Round Playing Card Holders

Card Holders

Set of 4, durable plastic triangle shaped card holders.

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Triangle Playing Card Holders

Handy Plastic Playing Card Holders

This set of Plastic Playing Card Holders features two black card holders. The holders have a unique king’s crown design molded into the plastic, and they can hold up to 15 playing cards each.

With their wide design, the Plastic Card Holders allow for easy card sorting and viewing. Each Holder can be hand held or stood up on a surface for hands-free use.

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Handy Card Holders

Mahogany Finish Wood Card Box

This wooden storage box features a deep Mahogany-color stain and smooth finish. A magnetic locking mechanism keeps the box lid firmly shut. Holds two bridge or poker size decks.

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Pecan Finish Wood Card Box

Handsome pecan color wood card box with hinged lid. Available with one- or two-deck capacity. Holds poker or bridge size decks.

Single-Deck Box Sale Price: $7.68. Was $14.00. Save 45%!

Double Deck Box Sale Price: $11.06. Was $19.00. Save 42%!
The Double Deck Box is temporarily out of stock. For availability, please call us at 1-800-233-0828

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Gin Score Pads

Gin Rummy: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (50 sheets per pad).

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Gin Score Pads

Bicycle's Official Rules of Card Games

Features rules for over 250 card games. 338 pages. Paperback.

This item is temporarily out of stock. For availability please call 1-800-233-0828.