Bicycle Poker Chips with Card Suits and Stripes - Casino Size, 8-Gram Clay Chips

These two-color Bicycle Chips are casino size and 100% clay. At 8-grams each, they are designed for tournament players. You will absolutely love their feel, sound, and action!

100% Clay Bicycle Poker Chips

Two Chip Sets are available: 50-Poker Chip Sets contain 25 red, 15 blue, and 10 black chips. 100-Chip Sets contain 40 green, 30 blue, 20 red, and 10 black chips. Each 100-Chip Sets comes neatly packaged in a sturdy black plastic chip tray.

Buy One Now! - Bicycle Poker Chips, 50-Chip Set

Buy One Now! - Bicycle Poker Chips, 100-Chip Set

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