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Hall-Quality Bingo Paper in Many Different Cuts

Professional White Bingo Paper - Hall Quality, Premium Bonded Paper!

Ideal for hall, club, or church use, Professional White Bingo paper is quite simply the best bingo paper on the market. This paper features:

  • Clean white 60 gram bonded paper, not newsprint
  • Large numbers/extra-clean printing for easy reading
  • Custom paper stock for superior ink absorption
  • Coated sheet backs prevent bleed through
  • Single serial numbers for easy tracking
  • All paper 1-9000 series (please call for other series)

Each case contains 9,000 faces, and all cuts below are packaged as wrapped/banded loose sheets. The following cuts are available:

*3 On Bingo Paper and 6 On Bingo Paper are available in horizontal or vertical cuts.
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