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Bingo Cage Sets - Brass Cage Sets, Chute Cage Sets, Automatic Cage Sets & More

We offer a complete selection of bingo cage sets, including brass bingo cage sets, ping pong ball cage sets, and rubberized bingo cage sets. Bingo Chute Cage Sets and Automatic Bingo Cage Sets are also available. Each Bingo Cage Set includes everything you need for play - cage, bingo balls, and masterboard. Browse our Bingo Cages below to find the set you need:

9 Inch Brass Bingo Cages & Sets

Our 9 Inch Round Bingo Cage features a shiny, durable brass coating. This Bingo Cage is great for bingo games at churches, schools, clubs, or in the home. Each Brass Bingo Cage Set comes complete with multi-color plastic bingo balls and a masterboard.

Sale Price: $63.72. Was $85.00. Save 25%.

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9-Inch Rubber-Coated Bingo Cages & Rubberized Bingo Cage Sets

This 9 Inch Round Bingo Cage features a soft rubber coating that ensures long use. It is the perfect bingo cage for games at churches, schools, clubs, or in the home. Rubberized Bingo Cage Sets are available.

Sale Price: $71.23. Was $95.00. Save 25%.

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Brass Ping Pong Ball Cage Sets

Our 19" Tall Ping Pong Ball Bingo Cage Set features a rounded brass bingo cage, 75 bingo balls, and a masterboard. This bingo cage set is great for bingo games at churches, schools, clubs, or in the home.

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Jumbo Red Bingo Cage Sets

This giant size Bingo Cage accommodated ping pong ball size Bingo Balls. With its overall red color, the Jumbo Ping Pong Ball Bingo Case Set is a real attention-getter! The Red Bingo Case measures 19" tall, and it features top-quality craftsmanship that ensures even and consistent bingo ball mixing every time.

Each Jumbo Red Bingo Case Set includes 75 White Double Number Ping Pong Bingo Balls (or a similar set of single or double numbered white or colored balls) and a Plastic Ping Pong Bingo Master Board.

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Automatic "Speedmatic" Cage Sets (Automatic Bingo Cage Sets)

The Speedmatic Bingo Cage Set includes the masterboard and cage unit plus 75 7/8" wooden bingo balls. To use this bingo cage, simply put the bingo balls on the masterboard during the game. Then, once the game is over, press the lever and the balls roll back into the cage. Measures 16" x 16" x 30.".

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Dozens of bingo products are availabe for immediate shipment. We also carry bingo cages, finger-tip slide cards, bingo hard cards, bingo paper, glue sticks, bingo masterboards, bingo sets, and many other bingo items. Bingo supplies are available for immediate shipment.

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