Bingo Paper

Bingo Paper – Case Bingo Paper (Loose Sheets) and Bingo Paper Booklets are Available

Choose from Case Bingo Paper and Bingo Paper Booklets in a range of cuts and colors. Each box of Case Bingo Paper has 9,000 total faces. Our Case Bingo Paper is available with the following number of faces (“Ons”) per individual sheet: 1 On, 2 On, 3 On, 4 On, and 6 On, in both horizontal and vertical styles. Case Paper comes in the 1-9,000 face number series (call 1-800-233-0828 for other series).

Bingo Booklets are available in 3 On and 6 On Vertical Bingo Paper cuts, and the booklets feature 10 sheets per book with the standard color rotation. Each Bingo Paper Booklet features these colors (listed from the top Bingo Paper sheet to the bottom booklet sheet): blue, orange, green, yellow, pink, gray, olive, red, purple, and brown. Bingo Booklets feature the 9-18,000 face number series.

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