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Black Hawk Bingo System


Sleek Black Laminate Console with Standard Monitor & NTSC Camera. Flat Screen TV NOT included.

Technical Features

• Two “B” Data outputs. Two Payout Data outputs.
• Two Bonanza Bingo “R” Data outputs.
• Supports Data Flashboards, including our 4,000, 6000, 7000, 7500, 7600 and Multimedia Flashboard Series.
• One parallel port for connection to approved printers.
• One RJ11 modem jack for remote service dial-up connection.
• One JR45 Ethernet port for connection to local area network.
• Two RCA line level audio inputs for audio mixing and multimedia capabilities.
• Two RCA line level outputs for connection to hall audio system or monitor speakers.
• One 1/4 inch microphone input jack for caller audio equipment.
• One ATI video graphics card for crystal clear caller and hall video displays.
• One NTSC video output for connection to hall video equipment displaying live ball image and switching to card verification image.
• Fluorescent light ball chamber for maximum clarity and ball action view.
• Multiple accessory, 120-volt AC outlets.