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Custom 3 Card Monte - Magic Trick


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Customize our 3 Card Monte Magic Trick with Your Design or Logo.  Anyone can perform the 3 Card Monte Trick within just minutes of reading the simple instructions that come with each Trick.

The Magician asks an audience member to remember the middle card. To the audience member's surprise, upon taking the middle card from the deck, the card has changed to a message card, which is customized with the one- or two-color logo of your choice!

Here is how the Three Card Monte Trick works:

  1. The Magician has three playing cards: a gimmick card, a custom-imprinted message card, and a regular card. The gimmick card features a flap that the custom message card slides into. About 1/3 of the message card gets hidden by the flap.
  2. The cards are then spread like a fan to look like three regular cards. Next, the magician turns the cards over to show the backs and asks anyone to select the middle card, which will be the custom message card.
  3. After the message card is withdrawn, the magician moves the gimmick card and regular card together so that the flap on the gimmick card is hidden.

These classic Three Card Monte Tricks come individually cello-wrapped. Each Trick includes the three playing cards required for the game – including one custom imprinted card – and instructions.