Sports Betting Cards

All Events Sports Cards with 100 Sign-Up Boxes

Customers love to participate in pools, and Our All Events Sports Cards will help keep your bar or club jumpin!

These easy-to-use game cards can be used for most sports events, such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and many other sports games. Each All Events Sportscard features ten rows and columns for a total of 100 sign-up/betting boxes per Sports Card.

When all the squares are filled, just pull off the strips on the side and top to reveal the players' numbers. Your customers will keep coming backs for more! Our All Events Sports Cards measure 11-1/2" by 16-1/4". The minimum order is one dozen Sportscards.

Our newest Ten Row Cards have 2 lines for Teams, a concealed random secret number 0-9 to the left of the Date and 10 Lines for Names with random numbers 0 – 9 assigned to each line and concealed by silver varnish to the left of the line. The Tamper Proof Silver Varnish Scratches Off Easily.

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Events Sports Cards

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