Roulette Tables

This Eight-Foot Roulette Table is Available with a Range of Finishes and Felt and Armrest Colors

Made in the U.S.A.
This table is hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Our ROU2910 Roulette Table features overall hard wood construction, a padded felt playing surface in the color of your choice (choose the layout shown or a standard casino-green, blue, or burgundy layout), a money slot, and a removable padded armrest. Each of these Casino-Quality Roulette Tables also features a unique leg design plus a wood insert with seven built-in cup holders. The ROU2910 Roulette Table measures 96"L x 55"W and can accommodate a 19" to 27" roulette wheel (sold separately).

Stationary Roulette Table ROU2910
Eight-Foot Casino-Style Roulette Tables (ROU2910)

Armrest Options
Armrest Color Black
Armrest Color Black
Wood Finish Options
Wood Finish Ebony Wood
Wood Finish Oak
Wood Finish Cherry Wood
Layout Colors
Blue Burgundy Green

Code Pricing
ROU2910 $3,295.00

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