Utraviolet Accessories

UV Inks, Rubber Stamps, Dry Stamp Pads, and Lamp Finger Guards

Choose from our complete selection of UV Supplies for admission control. We carry Green and Blue Ultraviolet Ink, 4 different Rubber Stamps, Dry Stamps Pads, and Fingerguards, which prevent skin contact with UV lamp bulbs.

These items can be used with any of our UV Lamps to ensure proper identification.

Ultraviolet Inks

These unique, invisible inks glow when placed under UV light. Semi-permanent, the inks are available in green or blue. They will withstand several hand washings, but will generally disappear in about 24 hours.

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Green and Blue Ultraviolet Inks

Ultraviolet Rubber Stamps

Choose from five different rubber stamps for admission control: Over 21 Stamp, Cloverleaf Stamp, Shell Stamp, and Butterfly Stamp. These Rubber Stamps feature a sturdy plastic handle, wooden base, and deep-grooved rubber imprint design. Each stamp is labeled on the front so you can easily grab the design you need.

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Ultraviolet Rubber Stamps
Ultraviolet Stamp Imprints

Ultraviolet Dry Stamp Pads

These Dry Stamp Pads are used with our UV Ink for admission control. Simply pour the UV Ink on the pads, and you are ready to begin identification stamping.

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Ultraviolet Stamp Pads

Ultraviolet Fingerguards

This finger guard is recommended for readmission use to avoid contact with our 100 Watt Lamp's UV bulb.

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Ultraviolet Lamp Bulbs

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