Casino Chips

Clay, Clay Composite, Ceramic, & Plastic Casino Chips

Choose from a wide variety of Casino Poker and Roulette Chips including: Ceramic Casino Chips, 100% Clay Chips, Clay-Composite Chips, and Plastic Poker Chips. Our Stock Casino Chips are available both pre-denominated, and custom printed on both sides with your design and copy. The Custom Casino Chips can be printed for use as Poker Chips, Roulette Chips, and Blackjack Chips. Our pre-denominated Casino Chips are in stock for same day shipping.

100% Clay and Clay Composite Casino Poker Chips

You can choose from eight different clay composite poker chips available with or without imprinting (hot-stamping). We carry 7-Gram Mermaid Chips, 7-Gram Bee Chips, 8-Gram Diamond Chips, 8-Gram Six Stripe Chips, 8-Gram Card Suits Chips, 10.5-Gram Dice Chips, 10.5-Gram Crown Chips, and 3 different 11.5 Gram Heavyweight Chips. We also offer Clay Dunes Casino Chips, the closest replicas to an actual casino chip ever made. These chips feature the Dunes logo and come pre-denominated. These chips are in stock for immediate shipment.

Our dice chips and six stripe chips are available with imprinting. These imprinted chips are delivered in about two weeks. You can also order pre-denominated six stripe chips with six different chip values. Our clay composite poker chips are available in over a dozen colors.

Plastic Casino Poker Chips

You can order Plastic Diamond Poker Chips, Plastic Card Suits Poker Chips, and Plastic Dragon Poker Chips in a wide variety of colors. These casino size poker chips weigh 4 grams each. Lightweight and durable, our Plastic Poker Chips are economical and perfect for home or club use. Plastic Diamond and Card Suits Poker Chips are available with your custom imprinted design.