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Bingo Games - Bullseye Bingo, U-Pick-Em Bingo, & Pushout Bingo Cards

Bullseye Bingo

Take aim at big profits with this poplar variation on the bingo theme. An opaque cover sheet masks the numbers and removes easily, unlike the old-fashioned folded and perforated cards. Large, bold numbers are easy to read and they never smear. Players keep coming back for more because of the excitement and intrigue of this unique bingo game. Bullseye Bingo is available in five bright colors: red, purple, orange, green, and blue.

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U-Pick-Em Bingo

Here's a fun to play bingo game where players select their own numbers. Players fill out the numbers they choose on the two-part carbonless paper form with a ballpoint pen. The player keeps the top sheet and gives the second sheet to the floor worker who uses the sheet to verify wins. This bingo game is ideal for an "early-bird" special, a jackpot game, an intermission game, or a "Night Owl" game. Use it when you want to add some variety to your game and increase sales.

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Push Out Bingo Cards

Pushout cards are durable paper bingo cards printed on a heavy, white paper stock. The size is 4 inches by 4-3/16 inches. All cases of push out cards have 3,000 faces.

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Dozens of bingo products are availabe for immediate shipment. We also carry bingo cages, finger-tip slide cards, bingo hard cards, bingo paper, glue sticks, bingo masterboards, bingo sets, and many other bingo items. Bingo supplies are available for immediate shipment.

Bingo daubers (bingo markers) are available in 8 different colors. Our daubers are 3 oz. each. Daubers are available in red, blue, pink, orange, green, purple, teal,and magenta. The minimum order for daubers is one dozen.

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