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Rail Rubber (Diamond Crap Table Rail Rubber)

This diamond / pyramid rail rubber is 11 inches wide by 48 inches long. Nearly 1/2" thick at the pyramid, our rail rubber is casino quality

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Close Up of Rail Rubber

Craps Top Rail Rubber

Our Crap Table Top Rail Rubber, used for lining the inside top portion of the two ends of a Crap Table, is standard casino height (3-3/8" tall on the flat, back side). The casino-green colored Top Rail Rubber is available in 25-foot pieces.

For 12 foot Crap Tables or 14 foot Crap Tables, you'll need one 25 foot piece for each table. (12 foot Crap Tables require two pieces that measure 9.5 feet each. 14 foot Crap Tables require two pieces that are 11 feet each.)

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